Get to know the team

Get to know the team!

You've met Charlotte, Andrew and even myself, but do you know how many more members the team has?

Backstage of a production is just as important as the people on stage/set. Even if you’re not an actor like myself, you will know this to be true. 

In any good team, the constant is a good core. This stands for big corporations, small businesses and even families! The cogwheels that make it all go forward, even if the outside can’t see it all the time, are so important.

So I decided to try something a bit different, and introduce you the 2 newest members of our Inkpact team via interviewing them! We are now 5 core team members, look at that! You can listen to the interview, recorded on the 24th July, and if you feel like you want to know something more about our lovely Domizia Di Maggio and Jeannine Rafferty, well, do let me know!

I had a blast talking to them and recording this. 

I know there are a few sound issues, as we didn’t record with professional microphones and also internet connections that day were a bit dodgy for some reason, but you can still understand every word and get a feel for not only the job roles but the wonderful women they both are.

Hope you enjoy!

Tania, Community Manager