Why Bullet Journaling is not for me

Why Bullet Journaling is not for me

I have now started this organisation method 3 times. 3!!! And "gave up" a grand total of said 3 times (but actually it feels like about 857). So now I think it's time to rest my colourful pens, retire my Leuchtturm diary and call it day. And this is why.

When I roam the interwebs I always fawn a bit at beautiful layouts, spreads and overall talent from most Bullet Journals (or Creative Journals). I have pages saved on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and even Youtube videos of gorgeously gifted and quill genius people. And I know, I know! You have to make the BJ work for you, mould it to your needs and wants, and just have a functional diary management, brain dump thing that is yours. No need to photograph and share anything! But I just couldn’t even make that!

Let’s start from the top, and admit (as I believe most of us) I grew up with an almost unhealthy obsession with stationery. The best time of the year was end of August, because all the supermarkets would be filled with rows and rows of school supplies and I’d just go crazy! I mean, as crazy as my mom’s bank would allow in practical terms, but theoretically and spiritually I was in heaven!

Most pretty notebooks would remain untouched -they were just too pretty to be written on – but that didn’t keep me from adding them to my Christmas and Birthday lists, to which my family obliged and my collection grew! And I think that’s where the problem started. So many untouched books. I didn’t learn HOW to make them mine. They were just like a piece of artwork, to be seen and not touched.

Thins got a bit worst when after taking one of them and using it as a journal for years (I mean, years!!!) my car was mugged and they took my beloved guitar and backpack which, alongside many other valuable (some only emotionally, but nonetheless valuable) items like my grandmother’s rosary or one of my mother’s rings, had said diary, and I just felt so violated, like some stranger would know all of my hearts desires, emotions and soul unburdens (realistically I know they just dumped it somewhere and kept only what they could make money out of…).

So maimed-Tania-sharing-time over, I think both these experiences contributed for my inability to keep an actual BJ! That and the fact I have some sort of undiagnosed mild attention deficit disorder, combined with an actresses’ impossible-to-pin-down-actual-dates-until-the-actual-date but also have a rehearsal process and tour starting in x months schedule.

So, if only for now, I have a regular diary. And a half used Leuchtturm notebook for sporadic brain dumps. None of which I would actually photograph and share online on a pretty flat lay. But mine, and they kinda work.

Do you use the Bullet Journal method? Are you interested in starting one? 

Tania, Community Manager

Being a Scribe

Being a Scribe

For the first proper blog post I thought I'd speak a bit about what it is to be a Scribe, and why we choose to be part of this community. I was inspired by a Facebook post on our group, where I asked the question and was blown away with the replies. I then, of course, also thought of my own reasons, and now I'm just compiling all these feelings into a stream of words. I hope you feel inspired and proud to belong to the Scribe Tribe after reading this!​

When I came across Inkpact, back at the end of 2016, I could not believe my luck: someone would actually pay me to hand write notes, cards and letters!? How could that be a thing??? Sign me up!

I submitted my sample and waited. I could say I even resorted to biting my nails, but I do that even when not waiting for important news, so you’ll have to take my word for it when I say I was anxiously awaiting the result of my application.

My yes soon came (talk about good news to begin 2017 with) and with it the lovely writer pack with my own new fountain pen and light pad! I loved all of it and when my first job came along I gladly started to write.

Now, my first job was super stressful, don’t get me wrong! An A4 letter jam-packed with information and I admit, I stayed up until almost 3am the night before my deadline to finish the job. This could’ve been reason enough for me to just call it a day and quit. Believe me, you mess with my sleep and I’ll resent you for life! (Well, maybe not for life, but I’ll certainly almost growl at you the following day).

But something made me stay. I couldn’t pin point what it was until my second job came along. Not only my personal joy in writing, the almost egotistical joy of seeing my pretty hand writing embellish a card (oh, Tania, cut it out! So full of yourself!!!), but also the message, the knowing someone would smile when they’d receive the acceptance card, or feel motivated to work harder, when the beautiful copy of the rejection messages inspired instead of demotivate them. I was hooked. That was it! I was a writer. I was a Scribe.

I started to dig deeper into the company, I met Charlotte, Andrew, and the office team. I enjoyed the banter and ease of the company. The inspiration of pursuing a passion until you succeed. 

I was lucky enough to start working in the office early/mid 2018 and by the end of the year I was also given the chance to manage the actual community. And that’s when I started to meet more of the other Scribes. And man, are we a great bunch! We have moms, freelancers, lovers of Nature, sippers of tea, curious, ingenious, smart and silly and overall “good eggs” everywhere you look! And I am so happy to be part of this group.

As for why YOU are a Scribe, well, I asked, and you all pointed out the obvious love for fountain pens, stationery and beautiful handwriting, the inspirational CEO (gooooo Charlotte!), the opportunities and passions, the challenges, the collaborations with charities, the freedom to work from home and on your own time, the talented people all around, and most importantly, the sense of community. Anything else I missed or you’d like to add? Leave a comment!

So now, our path continues, and we can continue to go on, not hand in hand, but hand in pen. Together. Being part of the Scribe Tribe.

Tania, Community Manager